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Apr. 29th, 2009 @ 07:59 pm walking away
Current Location: 47.71933, -122.31516
Current Mood: nostalgic
I'm about 1 block away from my old apartment that I shared with Kevin, and one time, Josh. It's funny to sit in the empty room that was once my bedroom - and think about all the things that went down there.

One that springs to mind was the time Steph was on Ecstacy and that was the last time we really did anything there ever again

All the sleepovers after me and Steph broke up.

Then finally, the last bits of me and Nora before just moving in with her several months later.

It sucks to think of all the things I feel I'm leaving behind, but it makes me feel better about things as I move onward. Sure, me and steph had a terrible entry into a relationship - and should have stayed a one night stand. But, I learned a lot about myself and the choices I made.

It is bad that I feel an outcast hanging out with kevin or katherine, but that is obviously caused by my actions. But, what is done - is done.

I have not been looking to the past recently, which is good. All it does is bring me into a funk and doesn't really do me any good. Starting to live with Nora is good for me since I'm staying active with important tasks and not just slacking and staying level with stuff.

I'm hungry and near home. I'll post later.
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