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Track The Wily Panda

His movements are confusing...

Beau Wesley Johnson : The Wily Panda
9 July 1984
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I am 24. I am Male. I am SOOOOOOOO entertaining. When I'm not wasting my life away behind a register, I'm playing with my computer or Friends.
8-bit art, 8-bit master chief, a clockwork orange, aphex twin, battle royale, black, blanky, blue, boots, boredom, boxers, brian kinney, bus fights, candy, cereal, clouds, college university, commodore 64, computer games, computers, coroner, daft punk, dance dance revolution, dane cook, daniel radcliffe, dark chocolate, darth vader, dave chapelle, dave matthews band, dennys, dirt bikes, dreams, driving, duct tape, fight club, final fantasy 7, fire, fireworks, friends, fuck, fucked-up shit, fun, gaming, goth, green, hamtaro, happiness, happy tree friends, harry potter, honesty, hunter s. thompson, illusionz, insomnia, ivar's clam chowder, jackass, japan, japanese candies, japanese culture, japanese drinks, jason nevins, johnny depp, jones soda, kill bill, korn, late at night, lavender, liero, life is hell, linkin park, lord of the rings, loud music, macaroni and cheese, matrix, midi's, mochi ice cream, monkey sugar, mononoke hime, moulin rouge, music, my pooh suit, my scarf, my tigger suit, my watch, nes, new york, nine inch nails, pandas, para para paradise, parkas, parties, pepsi, pepsi blue, pez, pillows, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, playstation 2, pooh, princess mononoke, punk, qaf, queer as folk, rain, ramune, random hugs, rap, rave, red, red dwarf, reno 911, rock, sailor moon, seattle, sharp objects, shinny things, shit, signs, silence, skittles, sleep, sleep deprivation, sleeping, soap, spam, spikes, star wars, stars, stephen lynch, strawberries, sugar, suicidal santa, sushi, sweet & sour chicken, techno, teddy bears, the legend of zelda, the moon, the ocean, the office, the onion, ties, toilets, top ramen, trance, traveling, video games, walks under the stars, writing