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Apr. 9th, 2009 @ 09:19 pm so tired...
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The one thing I forgot about going into a day with a lack of sleep - the 5 or so drop.

Let me explain.

So, you get through your day and everything is going fine. You've only got, like, 3 hours of sleep under your belt? Whatever. You start getting all amped up about how you're going to sleep less and have more time to iron beads and make the cash money.

You start by relaxing, just getting off work - that is your first mistake. Your mind is on auto pilot. You are just doing the basic task of walking and getting to point a to point b.

A dillema - you've got to find the next time you work so you and Nora can walk this new house! Fuck! Better get your schedule!

It's not there! Oh no!

Quick! Talk to your store manager like a drunkard! Oh no! I sound high or drunk! This man keeps me employed! Oh shit! Leave!

Long story short - I was thinking of throwing my stuff through Sarah's 2nd story window and taking a nap on her porch so I could take a nap and not get robbed while asleep.

@ Norwestcon. Must go.
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